HEPA Filter Modules

HEPA Filter Modules

HEPA Filter Modules

HEPA filters are suitable for use in critical applications where the environment needs to be fresh of airborne of contaminants.


HEPA filter modules are designed for use in critical applications where product or personnel protection requires an environment free of airborne contaminants. This is useful in Applications and facilities such as:

  • Operating theatres
  • Clean room facilities
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture
  • Electronics industry
  • Food processing Optics


The HEPA filter module is fully manufactured in Australia to conform with the performance requirements of AS 1386. It comprises a HEPA filter in a galvabond housing with an attractively styled fascia and the option of an integral fan/ blower.


Housing: Constructed from quality galvabond.

Fascia: Filter guard is satin polished 304# stainless steel or white painted finish.

Fan: A variable speed direct drive blower that enables airflow adjustment as required.

Filter: HEPA type, strictly conforming with AS 4260.

Power: Provided via a single phase 240 V, 10 amp 3 pin plug.

Filter seals: Modules can be supplied with either gasket or fluid seal HEPA filters.


HEPA Module Brochure | Download Here