IFC International Filter Company is a major global brand in air filtration, contamination-control equipment for industries that are as varied as industrial plants, commercial buildings, power stations, food processing, healthcare, science and electronics. The group of companies known as AES Environmental operates manufacturing centres in Australia, Thailand and the UK and distributes products under the brand names: Clyde-Apac, IFC, Contamination Control Labs, Email Air Handling, Vokes, Clyde Filtercorp and Selson.

The Choice

Our HVAC filtration systems have featured in some of the largest commercial projects either as new, or refit, while many industrial sectors consider only AES Environmental as their supplier of choice. For instance, Australian blue-chip groups use Clyde-Apac filtration products mainly because of our ability to customize and design bespoke systems, while ensuring Australian manufacturing content and continuing product support. HVAC maintenance companies in the UK choose IFC International Filtration Company as their supplier for the same reasons; our flexibility, our commitment to local manufacture, the use of local content and our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering solutions that work.  

Solutions Manufacturing

We produce a range of Air Filtration products, from low efficiency cardboard disposables through medium efficiency rigid bag and box-type products to high-end HEPA filters and gas phase products. We also manufacture Biological Safety Cabinets, Bespoke solutions for Robotic Handling equipment, Downflow Booths for Pharmaceutical companies, Dust Collectors, Mechanical and Electrical Filtration Solution’s for Power Plants, Kitchens, Cleanrooms and Commercial Buildings. Our target market is wide and our capabilities varied and through this we provide a wide range of manufactured solutions for our clients.

A Standardised Approach

We consider the Australian Standards, European Standards and ISO Standards as a core component of our product mix and we’ve developed a business that aims to promote the use of standardised product, engineering and manufacturing solutions.

The Group

AES Environmental is a successful group of businesses due to its commitment to local manufacturing within the regions that it operates in, its focussed and lean management team and the combined resources that allow it access to premium raw materials. As a result, IFC is able to bring its range of Air Filtration products to the UK market while it endeavours to create manufacturing jobs and develop a sustainable business that can support its employees, customers and suppliers for the years to come.


IFC International Filter Company, a trusted manufacturer capable of delivering reliable product solutions to highly-critical applications, where the control of hazardous airborne contamination is often critical to process and personnel


AES Environmental – Air Filtration, Laboratory Equipment, Dust Collection, Gas Phase Filtration; Group Hub

Clyde-Apac – Air Filtration, Critical Contamination Control and Dust Collection

Selson – Air Jacks and Torque Multipliers

Vokes Thailand – Air Filtration and Laboratory Products

Lemcol – Materials Handling Equipment