Nano V

Nano V

The Nano-V air filters are a revolutionary new product that provides medium-high efficiency filtration using Nano-fibre technology.


Unlike traditional synthetic or glass-fibre media, Nano media is constructed from long, continuous fibre lengths in controlled diameters to suit the desired performance rating of the filter. This means the Nano media is able to withstand shedding or ‘breaking-off’ of fibres which can be an issue with the short-fibre construction of synthetic or glass-fibre media types. The resulting media pack offers superior air handling capacity and more consistent filtration performance compared to equivalent-rating synthetic or glass-fibre products.


The new Nano V brings to the market an exciting change to the air filtration market. Formed through a mechanical process that integrates very fine fibre material in a manner where both coarse and fine fibers create a three dimensional structure. The coarse fibre provides the strength support and protection to the fine fibre material and through modeling we can adjust the gradient to deliver a consistent efficiency across the entire filter media.

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