Maxi-Safe Downflow Booth

Maxi-Safe Downflow Booth

The Maxi Safe booth provides a clean, constant, turbulence-free laminar air flow from overhead into the work zone. This is achieved by pressurising the plenum chamber which then directs ambient air through the HEPA filters and creates the laminar flow airstream.


Contaminants produced during media preparation are swept down and away from the operator as laminar air-flow bathes the internal work zone with clean air which has been filtered through Grade H14 HEPA filters. This process ensures that the stringent requirements of Class 5 (ISO) – necessary for the protection of products and operators during filling, transfer and packaging – are met.

Air at the work zone floor level is then mixed with ambient air from outside the booth which has been drawn in from under the protective solid wall or flexible PVC curtain, through a bank of prefilters located at the base of the rear work zone wall. The air is then recirculated with 30% being exhausted to ambient at ceiling height via a second HEPA filter. This procedure ensures that negative pressure within the working space is maintained, thus guaranteeing that there will be no breach of the containment boundary.

AES Environmental stand-alone “Maxi-Safe” Laminar Flow Booths are the optimal solution for a wide range of processing applications such as:

  • Aseptic dispensing
  • Assembly of electronics and optical components
  • Cell culturing
  • Media pouring
  • Preparation of medical devices
  • Sterility testing

These are applications where products, processes and at times the environment are highly sensitive to contamination.


AES Environmental Maxi-Safe down flow booths are constructed in powder coated mild steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel or a combination of both. With a variety of standard dimensions (height, width and safe working depths) our booths can also be custom engineered to any size.


Variable speed direct drive centrifugal fan/blowers enable separate airflow adjustment throughout the filter life and allow adjustment of the supply air velocity.


HEPA Filters are tested to 99.999% Efficiency by Hot DOP to ensure full protection. All filters are tested in strict accordance with the requirements of Standards Australia and the performance of the pre-filters and final filters are continuously monitored by Magnehelic differential pressure gauges.

Climate Control

In dealing with applications involving powder materials, optimum temperatures and relative humidity need to be maintained. It must be borne in mind that both a filling machine motor and the unit’s fans will generate a considerable amount of heat. As an option cooling can be achieved by the fitting of an air-conditioning system.

Control Panel

A modern, proven control panel provides one touch access to all functions including servicing. A fully integrated self diagnostic processor with digital status display up by an audible and visual alarm guarantees your safety.

Quality Assurance

Every booth is factory tested and certified to the specific required standard.


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