HEPA Certification

HEPA Certification

performance testing of HEPA filters and their installations, IFC adopts the latest equipment and internationally recognised standards to deliver the optimum outcome for our customers.


Testing of HEPA Filters and HEPA Installations

A critical process for any isolation room, operating theatre or manufacturing process that requires the control of particulate contamination. IFC uses the latest technology and applies internationally recognised standards to validate the performance of HEPA filters and their installations. Our reporting process includes the latest digital report delivery system so that our customers have access to critical data when they need it.

Testing and validation is a typical requirement within critical clean air systems, we work with ISO 14644, AS 4260 and HSE guidelines along with TGA, WHO and other internationally recognised bodies. We stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date with the latest developments so that we can provide effective feedback for our customers whenever appropriate and offer guidance to help overcome any updates to the rapidly evolving clean air environment.