Cleanroom Servicing

Cleanroom Servicing

Critical Cleanroom Performance Validation in line with local and international standards. IFC has maintained an active accreditation since 1975 and continues to be a key supplier to major international brands.


IFC Cleanroom Validation Services

IFC Delivers critical monitoring and performance services for Cleanrooms within the Pharmaceutical. Electronics, Manufacturing, Research and Health Care sectors. IFC utilises its vast experience to offer tailor-made solutions to any Cleanroom challenge, this includes the manufacture of HEPA filters, housings and down flow booths to the supply of bespoke products designed to maintain existing systems.

First accredited in 1975, IFC has maintained an active NATA accreditation for the certification of Cleanrooms and associated devices in accordance with ISO14644. This service includes particle counting, room recovery rates, HEPA validation, pressure monitoring, air flows and air changes throughout the facility along with secondary services such as light and sound testing.